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The H1B visa is a temporary, non-immigrant worker visa that allows US businesses and organizations to employ graduate-level or otherwise specialist foreign nationals in specialty occupations. ‘Speciality occupations’ are those that require the theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge, such as in the fields of engineering.

Take specialist advice to ensure that all stages of your H1B petition process are dealt with correctly, from compiling information to communicating with the relevant authorities, so that your application has the best chance possible of a successful outcome.

SPK Technilogies Inc. will guide you through the H1B application process, including advice on sponsor requirements. For advice about an H1B application, contact us.

Application development

Database development

Data warehousing

Project management

SPK Technologies is hiring software engineers with 5-10 years of experience.

Educational requirements:
Bachelor’s or Masters in Computer Science, Information Technology, Electricals and Communication, Mechanical etc.

We are sponsoring H1 visas for the right candidates.
Apply before March 6th to get registered for this year’s H1B lottery process.

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